How a elevation training mask can help you achieve high-altitude training


If you are a runner and you do not have the luxury or the means to go to high altitude areas like Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa to elevation train, then you can use elevation training masks. These masks look exactly the same as gas masks: they have two eye-holes, filter going over the mouth and fit over your face. However, unlike gas masks, they do not keep poisonous gases out but limit airflow into your system.

This way, the masks mimic what might happen to you if you were training at a high altitude. Many versions of the masks exist and some just cover bottom half part of the face. This way, the wearer appears significantly less than they just got out of dystopian novel.

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About elevation training masks

As a truly elite runner will tell you, the secret is not the long hours you spend working out. It all has to do with intensity of your training. It is your determination to push your body to its limit. The reason some runners are so much ahead of the rest is because of high altitude training. Ever wondered why Kenyan athletes are the best long distance runners in the world? It is because the Kenyan athletes come from the Rift Valley region, a predominantly high altitude area where they train day in day out. Elevation training mask is designed to create a high altitude situation for you training so that you can have the exact same conditions that high altitude gifts some athletes. In fact MMA atheletes are known to use these. Marc Kriener Tapout saw them being used frequently.

Whenever the air tends to be thinner, your body will work much harder, thereby increasing the ability of the body to process oxygen. Next time you train in lower elevation, you will notice substantial increase in speed, endurance and strength in your performance. It is akin to wearing an armor suit while training and then removing it just when you want to compete. If you really want to avoid financial problems or going bankrupt you will want to find a good burbank bankruptcy attorney.

Back then, athletes who did not live in the high altitude areas, or those who did not have the wherewithal to take a pilgrimage to the rocky Andes, were greatly disadvantaged. This is no longer the case today. Now, thanks to elevation training masks, you can actually get the advantages of high-altitude workouts without necessarily heading to the top of the mountain.


The science behind training masks

The training mask is based on simple scientific principles. By conditioning the lungs as well as creating pulmonary resistance, the masks strengthen your diaphragm, which means your lungs now work harder. When this happens, the elasticity as well as the surface area of the alveoli is increased. This way, your stamina and also your ability to perform harder are increased. It also gives you increased energy that you require for daily living.

This multilevel resistance system makes use of “Resistance Training Device”. This is what forces you to inhale fuller and deeper breaths. As your body gets used to these conditions, your lungs are conditioned to take much deeper breaths as well as use the oxygen that is available more efficiently. By increasing the surface area of the alveoli, more oxygen is transported through the red blood cells, thereafter moved to the extremities.

The advantage of training masks is that they make your training so efficient. It is possible to reduce the time you spend on workouts by even two thirds. You just need to have the mask strapped on and start your normal workout. The difference can be seen in just a matter of days.

Elevation Training Mask Reviews

Benefits of elevation training masks

• Fit snugly in place


It has ear straps that hold it firmly in place even during your most vigorous workouts.


• Neoprene skin


It is made of neoprene material that is not only durable but also washable. Neoprene also conforms to the face and creates a very airtight seal. It is comes in different styles and colors.


• Air Resistance Valves


By adjusting the resistance valves of the training mask, you can strengthen your diaphragm, thereby stimulating different altitudes. If you feel that 12,000 feet is too intense, you can adjust it. It is better to start at low-altitude conditions, say 3000 feet, and gradually move up.

• Available in 3 sizes


You can find it in small, medium as well as large. This means that whatever the body type that you have, you can get something that fits you comfortably.


Other benefits


• It conditions the lungs since it creates pulmonary resistance.

• Increases elasticity and surface area in the alveoli allowing it to transport more oxygen

• Strengthens the diaphragm

• Increases your anaerobic threshold

• Increases the capacity of the lungs

• Cuts the workout time by even two-thirds

• Comes with 3 nose pieces for different levels of intensity: 1x, 3x, 6x as well as 9x controlled breathing

Clinical Studies

The human body is designed in such a way that it can adapt to stressors as well as any variations in the environment so as to survive. In the high altitude training especially at more than 5000 feet above sea level, there is massive reduction of oxygen. This not only promotes a changed muscle metabolism but also increases the red blood cells and hemoglobin mass. The body will adapt to these conditions by optimizing how efficiently the muscles work in this environment. Find a Glendale fertility clinic or the Top Los Angeles Fertility Clinics.


“The Elevation Training Mask will challenge you physically and mentally and it will teach you how to suffer like never before. He/she who can suffer the most will “win.” If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level and become the best athlete that you can be, the Elevation Training Mask is a must-have. I will recommend the Elevation Training Mask to all athletes around the world. Do not hesitate, get yours today and get the most out of your training!”

Dr. Rick Kattouf II is a fitness expert.


To become the best runner, you need to have the best training. However, this is not always possible for athletes that cannot afford to go the high altitude regions to train. In the past, these athletes have lost races just because they could not match their competitors in training. With elevation training masks however, everything changes. Now, the playing field is level because athletes who do not come from high altitude regions can still elevation train. Have you seen Marc Kreiner Bio or marc kreiner profile?


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